Most of Taiwan continued to experience rain

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Most of Taiwan continued to experience rain

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RABAT, June 23 (Xinhua) -- The global climate summit COP 22 is slated for November in Marrakech, Morocco, as a move to achieve the commitments made under the Paris Agreement, Moroccan foreign minister Salahedine Mezour said Thursday.

The COP 22, the 22nd Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, aims to speed up the implementation of the agreement through a voluntary, strong and sustaining action, the minister said at the opening of the plenary session of the first Alliances and Coalitions Global Forum.

""Today, climate actions involve not only countries, but also the private sector, the financial area, cities, regions and civil societies,"" Mezouar said.

Segolene Royal, chairwoman of the COP 21, said the issue of climate change is a matter of life, which causes death of millions across the world, calling for urgent actions.

The Paris Agreement on climate change can only take effect when the 55 countries with 55 percent of greenhouse gas emissions ratify it, she noted.

Royal also praised the close cooperation between Morocco and France during Morocco's preparation for organizing the COP 22.

The two-day forum aims to establish a structure to make the COP 22 a high-level event, so as to encourage innovative initiatives.

It will also provide an opportunity for coalitions to discuss the plans for the Marrakech event, as well as potential cooperation, organizers say.

Participants will discuss means to strengthen voluntary initiatives to accelerate the process of limiting global warming by 1.5 degrees Celsius from the former target as two degrees Celsius. Enditem


Cirrhosis diets start with being well informed. This condition will not go away on it’s own and certainly not if you work against it.

Can you really heal your liver? It really is possible if you’re willing to learn and develop new habits. What you do want to do is contact your doctor before you make any big changes- they’re the expert and should be consulted.

Given that your doctor will allow it Ahkello Witherspoon 49ers Jersey , you can implement a Cirrhosis diet very quickly and get your liver on the road to recovery.

Consider this: does it make sense to put things into your body that will harm your liver or reduce your chances of success?

Pretty simple logic.

The liver is known for it’s regenerative properties and deservedly so. Eating only foods that will cooperate with the liver is a smart move to make.

The number one question folks ask about planning this type of diet is “Can I drink alcohol on this diet?”.

The simple answer is that no, you can not drink alcohol anymore. Even if your liver Cirrhosis is due to something other than alcohol abuse, it will simply work against letting your liver heal.

There’s really no wiggle room here on this- it’s not negotiable.

Next up is “What kind of protein should I have on this type of diet?”. To put it simply, you want to have the leanest sources of protein while on a liver Cirrhosis diet. This includes chicken, turkey and other types of poultry. You can also add nuts to your diet for lean protein, but watch out for the salt that many commerical brands contain.

When people ask “What about all that junk food I like?”, there’s good news.

While you can include some junk food in your diet, ration it carefully and don’t overdo it. Remember that there’s a ton of salt in most of this kind of food. This is actually a good policy to hold to with all foods you’ll be eating on a Cirrhosis diet.

You want to avoid gorging yourself on even the best of foods. The reason for this is that your liver still has to work to process whatever you put into your body, so feed it in more slowly to help your liver to rest a bit.

I hope you found my article helpful and informative and I invite you to refer to the links below for more Cirrhosis diet planning tips.

Cirrhosis diet planning is simple when you know just what your body needs. Be sure to visit my site for even more helpful information.

TAIPEI, Sept. 29 (Xinhua) -- Taiwan's meteorological authority lifted warnings for Typhoon Dujuan at 11:30 a.m. Tuesday after it battered the island, disrupting traffic and causing casualties on Monday.

At least two people were killed and 324 were injured when the typhoon made landfall in eastern Taiwan on Monday evening, the island's emergency operation center said.

The center of Typhoon Dujuan left Taiwan at 1:00 a.m Tuesday from Fangyuan Township in western Taiwan's Changhua County after a three-hour stay in the island, the meteorological department said.

Most of Taiwan continued to experience rain and strong winds.

Dujuan caused power outages to more than 1.95 million households at some point during Monday. Some 500,000 households are still without power, according to Taiwan power company.

The island's high-speed rail lines and regular train networks resumed service on Tuesday afternoon.

Bon Jovi's live concerts originally scheduled on Monday and Tuesday in Taipei were both canceled, the local promoter said, which means there would be no concerts for the American music legends who arrived in Taiwan on Sunday.

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