it is even more important if you are a new golf enthusiast.

Онова дето отнася побоя, след като софтуера се издъни =)

it is even more important if you are a new golf enthusiast.

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Now to start the process you will need to contact you lender and let them know you are considering doing a short refinance and to send you the short refinance package.

In this package you will have to fill out an application, a personal financial statement that will list all you income and expenses, 2 months recent bank statements, 2 years tax returns, current paystubs and a hardship letter. The hardship letter is simply an explanation of why you can no longer afford your mortgage payments and why you need to refinance. You want to make these letters simple and to the point, no need to write a 50 page essay.

The next step is to get pre qualified with an FHA Lender, the reason FHA Lenders are preferred is because they will give you the highest LTV possible which will make your offer to your current lender more attractive. Once you have the approval you will want to put it with your short refinance package and submit to your lender for approval.

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From here you will want to proceed with you new FHA Loan, which will require a separate FHA appraisal, hopefully the appraisal will have the same or similar value to the BPO, if there is a significant difference, then your mortgage broker will have to go back to the lender and renegotiate. The ideal situation is to get you refinanced without having to bring any money to the closing table, but in some cased the lenders will not bend, and to make the deal work you will have to bring some cash to close.
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Re: it is even more important if you are a new golf enthusiast.a

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