Paul Byron Canadiens Jersey

Онова дето отнася побоя, след като софтуера се издъни =)

Paul Byron Canadiens Jersey

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It will come as no surprise to most parents that the two most stressful things when travelling with a young family are keeping the children content and packing all their stuff , according to new research.

Holiday company Tots to Travel surveyed 350 parents of whom 36.5% ranked 'keeping children happy and well behaved on the journey to a holiday destination' as the most stressful part of a holiday with children under five. 'Packing all the stuff needed' was named as the second most stressful part of a family trip by 28.2% of parents.

Happily a little bit of forward thinking can help relieve this stress, whether your children are six months or 16 years old. Consider your destination, accommodation and means of travel carefully - make sure they're appropriate for the whole family. Use websites such as Take the Family , Tots to Travel, Baby Friendly Boltholes, Baby Goes 2 and the travel pages of the Times to research all your options.

Once you've decided where you're going and how you're getting there create a checklist of everything you will need to do and take with you - use the Holiday Extras holiday checklist online. Keep adding items as you think of them. Remember things like checking passport expiry dates , visas and medical documentation for all the family well ahead of departure.

A pre-booked meet and greet airport parking service is ideal for reducing family travel stress. A driver will meet you, your family and all y
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