Bundesliga Side Confirms Mid-Season Camp In SA

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Bundesliga Side Confirms Mid-Season Camp In SA

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German Bundesliga side SV Werder Bremen have confirmed that they will be holding a mid-season training camp in South Africa, in January of 2019.
The club confirmed on their official website that they will be in South Africa in sbobet mobile preparation for the second half of the season, running from the 3rd – 12th of January. “We were in Johannesburg a few weeks ago and were impressed by the facilities at the location,” read a statement from sporting director Frank Baumann. According to the club’s website, the team will be based at the Fairway Hotel, and their training is scheduled to take place at Randburg FC’s training ground. “The conditions should be good for training in, especially the weather for that time of the year,” coach Florian Kofheldt explained. Various reasons have influenced the decision of the German outfit being based in this particular area, with the club CEO, Klaus Fibry, explaining that, “The Bundesliga is very popular in sbobet mobile South Africa. As part of this trip, we want to make sure we help to make Werder Bremen and the Bundesliga more well-known out there.” Fibry concluded by iterating the club wants to show a major off-field presence, with a number of projects on sbobet mobile the cards. “There are other interesting projects which we would like to support the DFL with, for examples, we are planning to visit Amandla’s Safe-Hub project in South Africa, too,” concluded the club CEO.
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