Keep in thoughts that you will want to find the place

Що е то и с какво се яде...

Keep in thoughts that you will want to find the place

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RIO DE JANEIRO, May 13 (Xinhua) -- Workers and volunteers for the Olympic and Paralymic Games, to be held in Rio de Janeiro from August 5-21 and September 7-18, respectively, started to receive their official uniforms on Friday, according to the event's organizing committee.

The uniforms, provided by official supplier to Rio 2016 Chinese sportswear company 361?, are available in four colors and were unveiled to the media on Thursday in Rio's port district where the Games' Uniform and Accreditation Center will be located.

"The uniforms were inspired by our nature, by the energy of the Brazilian people and by the visual identity of Rio 2016. They were created in order to show the essence of the teams working for Rio 2016, who are devoting themselves to make the Olympic and Paralympic Games memorable," said Beth Lula, Rio 2016's brand director.

Services Manager for the Games, Todd Severson, said the choice of colors would "distinguish the staff and align them with their areas of activity. Blue, for example, fits perfectly for the judges, as the competition areas are also blue. Similarly, green was chosen because the signage in the arenas will be the same color. So what we are saying to the spectators is 'follow the green.'"

The color worn by most of the Games' teams will be yellow as it is for the operational areas and the red uniforms will be for the medical teams, according to the organizers.

The uniform includes a shirt, trousers (that can transform into shorts), a jacket, a bag (which can be used as a wallet or a waist pouch), socks, trainers, caps and also a raincoat. All the trousers, shorts and caps are light brown.

Over two million items were made in total for the event which will include around 87,000 workers and volunteers.

In order to get all the items to Rio ahead of the sporting events, the remaining clothing will have to travel for 45 days by ship from China, according to Lula.

Britain's outgoing ambassador to the European Union has strongly criticized the government's approach to Brexit negotiations in a farewell email to his staff.

Ivan Rogers said the British approach to the upcoming Brexit talks has been hindered by "ill-founded arguments" and "muddled thinking."

His harsh critiques were made public when the email was published by British media Wednesday. He had resigned the day before Dallas Cowboys Authentic Jersey , months earlier than expected.

In the blunt email Cleveland Browns Authentic Jersey , Rogers says top civil servants preparing for talks with EU negotiators still don't know the British government's priorities.

Prime Minister Theresa May has said Britain will formally trigger exit talks by the end of March.

Rogers had earlier said it would take longer than expected to reach new trade deals and that the process might fail.


BEIJING Cincinnati Bengals Authentic Jersey , Jan. 23 (Xinhua) -- Following are the standings of the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) league after Friday's games (tabulated under games played Chicago Bears Authentic Jersey , won
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