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all the right kind of attention

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RIGA Cheap Authentic Jerseys , Oct. 3 (Xinhua) -- Three Latvian citizens, including the chief of the national security service, have been put on the list of persons banned from entering Russia, the online edition of Latvia's Neatkariga Rita Avize (NRA) daily reported Friday.

Russia's motives for blacklisting Janis Maizitis, director of the Latvian Constitution Protection Bureau, Alvis Hermanis, a renowned stage director Cheap Jerseys , and Andrejs Judins, an MP of Latvia's ruling centre-right Unity party, are not clear, but obviously this is an all-out information war, Latvian Prime Minister Laimdota Straujuma told journalists, commenting the news.

"The inclusion of ... Judins, an ethnic Russian Tottenham Hotspur Throwback Jersey , in this list means that his opinion about the war, aggression in Ukraine has been heard," the prime minister said.

She indicated that Latvia was not considering any countermeasures.

Maizitis told BNS news agency that Russia's entry ban would not prevent him from exercising his office duties in any way.

Hermanis said that he was not informed about his blacklisting in Russia.

"As long as I have not received official information about my possible blacklisting in Russia, I cannot comment how this might or might not affect my professional activities," said Hermanis.

Judins voiced surprise about the Russian authorities' decision.

"I have done nothing that would require imposing sanctions on me. The measure does not make sense," Judins said.

Latvian Foreign Ministry spokesman Karlis Eihenbaums declined to name the Latvians blacklisted in Russia, but expressed regret over the Russian authorities' decision Sevilla Throwback Jersey , saying that he saw no logical grounds for it.

"Apparently, Russia just acted in accordance with its notions, and the motive was to get even with Latvia. We consider such an approach to be neither sensible, nor constructive," Eihenbaums said, adding that the blacklisted persons have already been informed about Russia's decision.

The Foreign Ministry spokesman also said that Latvia would take no retaliatory steps because such an unconstructive approach would only lead to an impasse.
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