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BEIJING puma suede platform uk , Sept. 26 (Xinhua) -- Chinese President Xi Jinping's speech delivered Tuesday at the opening ceremony of the 86th Interpol General Assembly has been applauded by many overseas experts and scholars.

Speaking at the general assembly in Beijing, Xi said that China hopes to work closely with countries and international organizations on global security, and jointly build universal security for humankind.

In order to beef up global law enforcement and security cooperation, Xi proposed the need to enhance reform and innovation, uphold the rule of law and seek mutual benefits. The Chinese president also vowed stronger support for Interpol in the next five years to raise its global influence and leadership.

China's proposals of enhancing global law enforcement and security cooperation, as well as its support for Interpol has been applauded by the international community, Russian political expert Grigory Trofimchuk told Xinhua.

China has for long actively participated in global counter-terrorism operations and is committed to strengthening law enforcement cooperation with other countries and the international security puma staple pigeon uk , the expert noted.

He said that China has rich experience in combating terrorism, cyber crime, corruption and organized crime, which can be shared with other countries and organizations.

The expert also said that China has sent abroad more peacekeeping troops than any other country and has put forward plans of training law enforcement personnel in developing countries, which demonstrates China's contribution to persevering international security.

Bambang Suryono, chairman of Asia Innovation Study Center, said that the Chinese President made pragmatic proposals at the opening ceremony on strengthening global law enforcement cooperation while presenting China's solutions.

In order to beef up global law enforcement and security cooperation puma suede classic black womens , Xi proposed enhanced reform and innovation, and sticking to the rule of law and mutual benefits, which reflects the thoughts of the Chinese leadership on building a community of shared future for humankind, the Indonesian scholar said.

Global security governance is facing huge challenges as wide-spread terrorism, extremism, corruption, cyber crime and the drug trade have threatened national security puma suede classic uk , social stability and economic development across the world, he noted.

As people take advantage of the Internet and have access to more information, it has become more difficult for the international community to tackle international crimes, he said.

He added that countries around the world must continually deepen cooperation and jointly combat such crimes.

Oh Ei Sun, principal adviser of Pacific Research Center based in Malaysia, said that innovation is perhaps the most important among China's proposals.

He told Xinhua that crime and terrorism today are growing because of the Internet and social networks instead of via conventional manners; therefore, security forces must be innovative in their approach.

The expert also said that law enforcement institutions around the world need to consider what new steps should be taken to prevent crime and how to use the Internet to combat it.

Sun said many people see Interpol as an organization mainly responsible for investigating cases puma suede crafted gum black , when actually it mainly exchanges information and trains the security forces of various countries, he said.

Under such circumstances, China's enhanced training programs for law enforcement staff in developing countries are welcomed, said the expert.

BEIJING, Sept. 22 (Xinhua) -- China has been making tremendous efforts in cracking down on international rhinoceros poaching and rhino horn smuggling, ahead of World Rhino Day Friday.

"Ivory and Rhino horn products dating from any historical period should be banned from public trade and auctions," said Ma Weidu puma suede crafted pack uk , a renowned antique collector in China, who endorsed WildAid's latest promotional campaign on rhino protection.

"China's top-down efforts to crack down on rhino horn poaching and smuggling are admirable and effective in dimming the illegal trade," said Steve Blake, chief representative of WildAid, an international wildlife conservation agency, in Beijing.

Rhinos around the world are endangered, primarily due to poaching due to demand for their horns. Rhino populations have plummeted 95 percent in the last 40 years. In addition to demand for rhino horn for use in medicine puma rihanna bow sneaker uk , there is also significant demand for collectibles carved from rhino horns.

In celebration of the seventh World Rhino Day, WildAid, National Geographic's Traveler magazine and the African Wildlife Foundation (AWF) launched a promotional video featuring Ma Weidu.

"Collectibles rooted in killing are valueless," Ma says in the video.

Since 2012, China has placed the building of a more ecologically focused society among its development priorities, with protection of fauna and flora a crucial element, according to Blake.

From 2013 to 2016 puma gv special uk , China organized and led worldwide cooperation against rhinoceros horn smuggling, alongside international law enforcement agency, wildlife charities and various authorities worldwide.

"With more stringent legislation and law enforcement, the world's black market prices for rhinoceros horn are about one-third of what they once were," Peter Knights, founder and CEO of WildAid, told Xinhua last month.

All sales in rhino horn have been illegal in China since 1993 puma suede heart reset prism pink , and rhino horn has been removed from the Traditional Chinese Medicine handbook. Since 2011 all rhino horn items have been banned from auction house sales as well.

"China, from its authorities to the public, has been playing an important part in eradicating the brutal yet complex rhinoceros horn trade," Blake said.

"The end results of the illegal wildlife

Chinese de.
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