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When Lancaster Dragway Super Gas competitors other than Bill Elekes race in the class' 1996 points finale Friday, second place will be all they have to shoot for.

Elekes clinched the Lancaster season Super Gas points title by winning in the first round Aug Cheapest Cigarettes In The World. 30, then finished that night with his fourth triumph of the year.

"When we sat down last fall to discuss plans for this season, Chris said the goal was to win the Lancaster championship," Elekes said. "Each race team potentially exerts the same effort and skills each week, so I guess we were just a little luckier this year Newport Cigarettes Official Website.

"Racing in Super Gas is close. A clean win in this class is usually done by no more than a fender. Most nights, the races are so close that when I cross the finish line I can't tell until I look quickly at the scoreboard win light . . . if I won or not."

Super Gas is an index bracket class. The drivers must run the one-eighth-mile trying for a perfect elapsed time of 6 Price Of Marlboro Cigarettes.30 seconds. There is not much margin for error. If you run quicker than 6.30 you automatically lose, even if you crossed the line first. Run much slower than 6.30, and you risk getting beaten.

"You have to run almost the perfect 6.30 some nights to win," Elekes said. "If you run a 6.32, you're not going to win too often. If you get off the starting line with a good reaction time and run close to a 6.30 you've got a good chance."

Super Gas cars utilize a computer throttle stop. The car takes off at full power but then at a designated point during the run, the throttle stop restricts the power for a specified period of time.

Tucker programs the computer in the pits as to when it should come on during the run and for how long. If all goes well, a time close to 6.30 will be run and that, combined with a good driver reaction time, usually spells victory.

Elekes campaigned his own 1977 Vega Panel Wagon car until taking a year off in 1993. In 1994, he drove for Lee Haake and during the 1995 season joined the Tucker team.

"I was in the pits one night last year, serving as crew chief for Joey Michaels," Elekes said. "Tony Saiia was driving for Chris and decided he did not want to drive anymore Buying Cigarettes Online.

"I did not know Chris, but Tony told him that I might be a good replacement. They came over to me and asked me to take over the ride in the car. I've always liked driving and not turning the wrenches. I decided to join Chris."

Next season Newport Cigarettes Price, the team expects to run at Lancaster on a limited basis as well as hitting the road to compete in national and regional NHRA and IHRA races.

In a role reversal, Tucker will drive the car at Lancaster Friday and Elekes will assist.

George Satarian and Jim Mercurio follow Elekes' 82 points, tied with 64.

Other Lancaster classes compete in points races Friday, as well as Oct. 4, 11 and 18.

Ralph Galuzzi and Bob Runge are tied in Super Pro with 80, followed by Dick Montgomery with 78. In Pro, it's Joe Urbino, 90; John Hayek, 85; and Mark Talmadge, 84. Greg Kerl (88), Fran Pepi (82), and Rick Petruzzi and Shawn Beatty (79) are best in Heavy.

Dave Weller, with 100 points , leads driving teammates Brett Wilde and Claudia Preve (85) in Street. Mike Dziamski leads teammates Brian Ihrig and Alan Fletcher in Bikes, 81-78.

The World of Outlaws program that was to run at Ransomville on Oct. 8, a make-up date from two rainouts, has been canceled. The WOO circuit has a date to return to the speedway next June, when rainchecks will be honored.
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