What inspection work should be done before the small sand ma

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What inspection work should be done before the small sand ma

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The small sand making machine is stable in operation and has a large output. However, the premise is to carefully check whether the relevant surface and size of the shaft and the sand making machine gear meet the requirements before assembly. The following letter to the small editor to discuss in detail.
There is still a clearance fit between the sliding gear of the sand making machine and the shaft. Generally, the spline link is used. The assembly precision depends on the machining accuracy of the part itself. Before the assembly, the shaft and gear related surface and size should be checked. For the gear with spline in the inner hole, the spline hole will be reduced in diameter due to heat treatment. The spline hole can be trimmed before the assembly by using the spline broach, or the mating surface can be trimmed by the coloring method to meet the technical requirements and assembly. After completion, you should pay attention to the flexibility of the sliding gear. Of course, you can't move the gear by hand. There should be no skew or sway. If the gears of the fixed link and the shaft are mostly over-fitted, the gears and shafts with insufficient interference can be hammered and loaded during assembly. When the interference is large, hot or special can be used. The tool is press-fitted, and the gear with a large amount of interference can be loaded onto the shaft by a hydraulic seamless link assembly method. When assembling the sand making machine, the gear eccentricity should be avoided, the gear skew and the gear end face are not attached. The phenomenon of tight shoulders occurs.
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