What should you pay attention to when purchasing sand and sa

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What should you pay attention to when purchasing sand and sa

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When sand and sand making machines are purchased, the characteristics of sand and gravel are important factors to consider. Because of the various properties of sand and gravel, the sand and gravel materials mined in different regions have different properties in hardness, compressive strength and density. There are different degrees of difference in water content and so on. Before buying a sand and sand making machine, you need to understand your own needs, such as the size of the crushed sandstone, the size of the finished product, the amount of production per day, etc., because different types of sand and sand making machines, in the feed size In terms of grain size and output, only the choice of suitable sand and gravel will achieve the greatest economic benefits, and will not waste material resources.
Buying a sand and sand making machine is not only used for a certain material or a certain area. The price of the equipment is not low. If it is only used for one kind of material or place, it is too small. The sand and sand making machine purchased should consider the whole application range, such as chemical industry, construction, highway, metallurgy and other industries; whether indoor or outdoor can be installed and used. It is worth reminding that if the sand and sand making machine you purchased needs to be applied to the sand making line, then you should consider the progress and output of the whole production line in order to choose the equipment that is more compatible with the original production line. In order to avoid the purchase of sand and sand making machines that are not suitable for sandstone, or to buy sand and Working of stone crusher for large-scale use.
The quality of sand and sand making machine is the most important. The quality is related to whether the equipment can be safely and timely completed in time. At the same time, whether the produced sand and gravel meets the national requirements, do not blindly look for low prices. Because of the huge size of the equipment, it takes time and money for every maintenance. Because it is convenient to pay attention to the maintenance of the machine when purchasing. Therefore, when purchasing, the user must understand the overall structure of the equipment, the material of the main components, etc., and reduce the maintenance cost of future use as much as possible.

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