Optimization of construction waste recycling equipment - mob

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Optimization of construction waste recycling equipment - mob

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Construction waste is the solid waste generated by the construction industry in the process of “replacement and replacement”. It is usually composed of bricks, concrete, mortar, muck and so on. With the acceleration of urbanization, the output of construction waste is more The more you store, the long-term accumulation and storage, will produce a lot of dust, sand, etc., causing pollution to the ecological environment.
Recycling of construction waste is a direct process of turning waste into treasure. It can be reasonably crushed and processed to produce recycled aggregates, which can be used to produce concrete, bricks, and can also be used as railway ballasts. The above utilization rate can effectively alleviate the land occupation and environmental pressure, and can also create greater profits for the enterprise. Here, we recommend the preferred equipment for recycling construction waste - Construction waste crusher.
Construction waste moving crushing station features
1. Integrated installation form, eliminating the complicated installation of separate components, reducing the consumption of working hours, making the overall space more compact, and saving nearly 10,000 yuan of infrastructure construction funds;
2. It has good maneuverability and can be directly settled in the production site. It has excellent adaptability to mountain roads and harsh environments, and it is more convenient to operate.
3, good energy-saving effect, the same specifications, production, the power consumption is only about 60% of the conventional crusher, the annual savings of electricity costs at least 30,000 yuan;
4. In the process of crushing, the dust, noise and other pollution will be completely eliminated, and the ideal production state of green environmental protection will be realized;
5, the group machine is free, can be flexibly combined according to the needs of smashing, hammer breaking, screening machine, etc., more convenient to use, the effect is more significant.
The birth of the construction waste Mobile Crushing Plant has effectively solved the accumulation of construction waste, occupied land resources, polluted ecological environment and other bad conditions, and made outstanding contributions to China's environmental protection cause. We chose Shanghai SBM equipment to ensure that you can better realize the building. The process of “turning waste into treasure” creates more profit for you.

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