US intelligence agencies have concluded that Russia

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US intelligence agencies have concluded that Russia

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A passenger waits for a plane at Beijing Capital International Airport on Tuesday. A total of 256 flights were canceled and another 273 flights were delayed as of 1 pm Pablo Hernandez Chile Jersey , as the worst winter smog so far blanketed northern cities. Photo: CFP
Heavy smog engulfed Beijing for a fourth straight day on Tuesday, with the current Air Quality Index exceeding 420, and visibility in some areas of the capital reduced to 50 meters.

The main cause of this heavy smog in the Beijing-Hebei-Tinjian region was heavy pollutant emission from the region itself during the heating season, said Chai Fahe, a research fellow from Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Science.

A total of 23 cities across China activated red alerts last week. The Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP) on Monday said 71 cities in China have been choked by heavy smog.

Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei sued

Five lawyers in China have filed three separate lawsuits against the governments of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei Province for allegedly failing to combat air pollution in the region Nicolas Castillo Chile Jersey , on Monday and Tuesday.

The lawyers, Cheng Hai, Xu Wensheng from Beijing, Lu Tingge and Li Weida from Hebei and Ma Wei from Tianjin claim the three local governments have not performed their duties in combating air pollution, and demand State compensation and 9,999 yuan ($1438) for mental suffering as well as for air filter masks, Cheng told the Global Times.

They also demanded that the three governments solve the air pollution within a time frame and apologize on the media for seven days.

Beijing's air quality continues to worsen after the 2008 Olympic Games. Beijing experienced almost 180 days of smog in 2015, 124 days more than a decade ago Mauricio Pinilla Chile Jersey , the five lawyers' appeal said.

However, He Kebin, the research fellow at Tsinghua University, said the level of PM2.5 - airborne particles with a diameter of less than 2.5 microns - in Beijing stayed at 89.5 micrograms per cubic meter in 2013, but has been reduced to 69 micrograms this year, according to the MEP.

'Smog holiday'

After Beijing issued its first red alert this year to alleviate the heavy smog, parents in Beijing welcomed free day care centers following the suspension of classes, till Wednesday.

Many day care services in Beijing Mauricio Isla Chile Jersey , set up for the convenience of parents who need to work despite the red alert, offer free classes in Chinese, math, English, music and sports, and only seek a minimal charge for meals.

Flights, delivery postponed

The heavy smog also forced the cancellation of over 250 flights from the Beijing Capital International Airport on Tuesday as of press time due to poor visibility. Highways and Beijing's sixth ring road were also closed. Many cities in northern China have temporarily adopted the odd-even license plate scheme.

Because of the reduced traffic capacity, major delivery companies in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region have announced a delay in their service. According to Cainiao Network Technology Matias Fernandez Chile Jersey , more than 4,000 packages in over 17 provinces were expected to be delayed since Friday.

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