strengthen self-discipline

Ако не сте сигурни по какъв начин се извършва определено действие с операционна система, най-вероятно тук ще успеее да получите своят отговор.

strengthen self-discipline

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Currently, the cabinet market is facing good opportunities for development. However, because of the imperfect competition in the cabinet market and the impact of foreign brands on the Chinese market, cabinet companies are also facing major challenges. Cabinet companies must establish brand awareness in the invincibility of competition, strengthen self-discipline in the industry, attach importance to cabinet "original" design, and grasp the installation and after-sales service of cabinets. In foreign countries, cabinets use the unit cabinet quota without exception, while in China, the quotation from Yanmi has almost become the common quotation form in the market. In fact, the drawbacks of this quotation method are obvious. For consumers, this quotation is unclear and implicit, and easily exploited by bad companies. For manufacturers, this quotation method is not conducive to standardized and standardized production. In turn, non-standardized production products do not have completeness, versatility, and interchangeability, reducing the product's ability to replicate and experience learning, quality is difficult to guarantee, so that the interests of consumers are not guaranteed. The current market situation is that small manufacturers cannot implement standardized production and standardized quotations; large manufacturers want to implement standardized production and standardized quotations, but their arms are out of the market. In terms of personalization, some consumers often misunderstand cabinets made to their own specifications as personalized. In fact, in the world cabinet schools, the German system focuses on standardization and functionality, and the Italian system focuses on design style. In the future, the cabinet industry will separate brands that focus on standard, functional brands and design styles.
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