The Legacy of Bold Ruler

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The Legacy of Bold Ruler

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It was a legend that germinated from a legend himself. Nasrullah was sired by the great Irish thoroughbred Carton Of Cigarettes Price, Aga Khan III; the saga soon followed into his satisfactory response on the racing front but an amazing produce when he moved to siring Marlboro Cigarette Types. Nasrullah bred almost 15 racing champions, the most prominent ones being Noor and Bold Ruler. Remembered as a fairly temperamental horse, Nasrullah set forth a substantial performance as a stakes specialist winning 5 out of his 10 starts. The Irish gene was awarded the honour of a leading sire in the United States for five years in the late 1950s.

The champion breeding legacy was taken forward to unconceivable limits when Secretariat bore the fruit of success by winning the Triple Crown Brands Of Cigarettes, a sinful accomplishment even Bold Ruler could never achieve. However, the Ruler himself had made quite a mark as a pace setter giving exceptionally fast fractions in races he participated. Distance may have been a slight hindrance to his wins at longer distances, but a handful of stake races remained his classic performances with clean sweeps through each one of them. Bold Ruler was a champion sprinter with Eclipse Award for Champion Three Year Old right under his belt.

Reminiscent of his sire excellence at standing stud, Bold Ruler also led a progeny of champion horses that also housed Gamely and Secretariat, both of whom were Hall of Famers. Bold Ruler sired Bold Bidder, born in 1962 and won a number of graded stake races including the Benjamin Franklin Handicap and the Washington Park Handicap. Bold Bidder also sired the spectacular performer Spectacular Bid along with Derby winners Caveat and Cannonade.

Bold Ruler prized foal Gamely returned the highest earning amongst all his foals Marlboro Menthol Lights. Gamely, a mare that made a reputation out of a thorough racer of stamina and endurance, she won the Preakness in 1967. Her racing style involved speed duels and heavy weights as she was born huge Organic Cigarettes, just the way Secretariat was.

The other Hall of Famer never needed an introduction; Seretariat name preceded his reputation. Secretariat may have been doubted for his stamina over long distances as he came from Bold Ruler, a sire that specialized in sprint races vis a vis long strenuous races. He also went on to prove all predictions wrong with his win in the Triple Crown races and also becoming a record breaker of 25 years.

Wajima was another remarkable colt sired by Bold Ruler that made his prominence known and recognized during the latter half of his third year by accomplishing stakes races such as the Monmouth Handicap, Travers Stakes and the Marlboro Cup. However he did not fair that well in the Woodward Stakes and the Jockey Club Gold Cup where he finished second moving on to an early retirement. He was declared the American Champion Three Year Old Horse for the year of 1975.

Bold Ruler was inducted into the Hall of Fame in the year 1973, the year his son created history with the Triple Crown. He was ranked 19 by Blood-Horse and is still considered to be one of the most prominent sires of all times.

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