sand making machine embodies the new production technology

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sand making machine embodies the new production technology

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The sand making machine is a representative product in the sand production field. Sand making equipment embodies the new technology and new production technology of the manufacturer of domestic sand making machine. The bearing and the original hydraulic open cover device made by technology can easily and quickly move the upper cover, so that the replacement and maintenance of the internal parts of the body can save labor and labor. The product granularity is also more uniform, in line with the national standard of sand making, especially in the two major industry departments of high speed iron, which are the main equipment for their artificial sand making.

The sand making machine has high crushing efficiency, durable, energy saving, and runs smoothly, energy saving and consumption reduction, good quality and low price. After crushing, the finished product can meet the needs of different customers. Once the sand is manufactured, the finished product rate is high, the grain shape is good, the gradation is reasonable, the fineness modulus is adjustable, and the quality of finished sand is excellent.

Performance characteristics of sand making machine

1) small size, light weight, easy to replace parts.

2) the structure is novel, unique, smooth in operation, low in energy consumption, high in output and large in crushing ratio.

3) the equipment is small, easy to operate, easy to install and maintain, and has the functions of plastic, cubic and dense.

4) during the production process, the stone can form a protective bottom, and the fuselage has no wear and wear.
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