Feeding requirements for stone crusher machine

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Feeding requirements for stone crusher machine

Мнениеот kathryn » Вто Май 15, 2018 6:00 am

With the development of China's construction industry, a large number of sand and gravel aggregate demand, this form led to the sand production line, the production and processing of gravel aggregate need a large number of ore processing machinery equipment, especially stone crusher . The crushing and processing of ores in sandstone and gravel production line is especially important. Here we talk about the feeding problem of the machine that needs attention in the crushing process.

Materials prohibited from crushing ores contain metal materials. In the crushing operation of mineral stone, the grinding and crushing of the material depends mainly on the crushing parts of the equipment, and the material is hammered, broken and grinded strongly. If there is non smashed metal material in the process of feeding, it will cause serious damage to the crushing cavity of the equipment. Therefore, the ore crushing equipment should be paid attention to.

Each type of stone crusher has a corresponding standard of feed size. If the size of the ore and other materials is larger than the size of the stone crusher, it is not only easy to form a sticking phenomenon at the inlet, but also increases the difficulty of the crushing chamber of the stone crusher, causing a series of production failures and greatly reducing the grinder. Working efficiency, shorten the service life of the equipment.

When the material of the stone crusher is too humid, the dust and other minerals easily appear in the process of grinding and grinding. Under the condition of insufficient wind power, it is easy to cause air duct blockage and seriously affect the crushing operation of stone crusher. Therefore, strict control of feed humidity is also an important item in the feed requirements of mineral stone grinder.
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