New sand making machine equipment promotes comprehensive uti

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New sand making machine equipment promotes comprehensive uti

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The application of sand making machine in a variety of ore beneficiation production lines and the comprehensive utilization of tailings processing is very extensive. The new sand making machine and sandblasting machine produced by SBM are advanced, highly efficient and environmentally friendly. SBM impact sand making equipment can effectively promote the comprehensive utilization of gold slag recycling.
SBM impact type sand making machine can effectively crush finely crushed gold-containing waste slag and enter the tailings recycling machine for tailings recovery. The sand making machine equipment can also promote the processing of gold-containing waste slag into cement clinker. The impact type sand making equipment is used to crush and crush large pieces of gold-containing waste slag, and grind the slag together with clinker and gypsum; the slag is separately ground and the gold-containing slag is mixed with the fine powder of clinker and gypsum. Into cement; Gold slag is pre-pulverized separately and ground together with clinker and gypsum. SBM impact sand machine has a large amount of processing, a wide range of applications, high crushing efficiency, and very energy-saving and environmental protection. SBM's new impact sand making machine is simple in structure, low in cost and stable in operation. High-efficiency and energy-saving, material lining inside the impeller and vortex crushing cavity greatly reduces wear part costs and maintenance workload. The sand making machine is very economical and environmental friendly and is the assistant to the comprehensive treatment of the rational use of tailings in the beneficiation plant.
In addition. SBM impact sand making equipment can also effectively promote the processing of gold-containing waste slag into raw materials for cast stone, glass-ceramics, fertilizer, enamel, and ceramics.

Re: New sand making machine equipment promotes comprehensive uti

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