Raymond Mill grinding quality is not up to how to do

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Raymond Mill grinding quality is not up to how to do

Мнениеот Гост » Чет Юни 14, 2018 3:32 am

Raymond Mill plays an important role in grinding and milling of materials, but in the process of using Raymond Mill, some users often reflect the coarse grain size of raymond mill, or the uneven fineness, etc. The conditions of compliance often occur. Then, what causes the quality of Raymond Mill powder to fail to meet the standards? What should we do when we encounter such problems?
1, raw materials are too large. From daily life experience, we know that under the same conditions and the same strength, the bigger the material, the less likely it will be broken. The same is true for Raymond Mill. If the particle size of the raw material to be milled is too large, it will not only increase the difficulty of milling, but also affect the efficiency of Raymond Mill if the particle size of the raw material being milled is too large. It may also result in incomplete grinding of the material, and the resulting failure to achieve corresponding results. Claim. Therefore, for the larger particle size materials, we can provide corresponding crushing equipment in the milling production.
2. Serious wear of the mill parts. Raymond Mill grinding operations rely on the grinding pressure of the grinding roller ring to grind the material. If the wear of the Raymond grinding roller grinding ring is more serious, the material will not achieve the desired effect, and will then Causes the material to be insufficiently ground and affects the quality of the mill. This requires us to regularly inspect and replace these consumable parts in the material milling production so as not to affect the grinding effect.
3, the impact of wind inside the mill. If the material is in the grinding and grinding process, the air volume of the fan is too large, which will lead to the premature discharge of the powder whose grinding granularity does not meet the required requirements, thereby making the material discharge too thick. If the air volume of the fan is too small, it will cause the powder to be less and slower, which will cause the fine powder to clog in the air channel and affect the discharge of the material. Therefore, the right fan air flow is the key to ensure the quality of Raymond Mill.
In short, in the process of using Raymond Mill, in order to ensure a good quality of milling, we must start from every aspect such as materials, equipment and people, and do a good job in every detail to ensure the efficient operation of the equipment.

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