Quartz stone ultrafine grinding plays a key role in the prod

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Quartz stone ultrafine grinding plays a key role in the prod

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Quartz powder, generally called quartz sand or silicon micropowder, is a silicate mineral that has been crushed and processed by quartz stone. It is a non-metallic mineral with stable wear resistance and chemical properties. With the development of quartz stone ultrafine mill technology, the production technology of quartz stone ultra-fine grinding has been continuously innovated. The application of quartz stone ultra-fine grinding is one of them. The following describes the relevant situation of Jiangxi quartz powder production equipment.
Quartz powder is not equal to quartz sand. Quartz sand with a particle size above 120 mesh and quartz powder with a particle size below 120 mesh. The difference between ordinary quartz powder and refined quartz powder is that small quartz stone ore is directly passed through quartz stone ultrafine grinding and crushed quartz powder is ordinary quartz powder, but because quartz stone mineral material is extracted after surface The yellow-brown skin is rich in impurities, so the color is white and yellow-brown, which is mostly used in the construction industry. The large quartz stone ore is removed by quartz stone ultra-fine grinding to remove the yellow-brown skin and then crushed and sieved quartz powder is refined quartz powder. The impurity content is small, so the color is white and bright, and the price is much higher than ordinary quartz powder. .
Quartz stone ultra-fine grinding concentrated quartz stone, dry grinding, grading and conveying in one large quartz stone ultra-fine grinding. The motor drives the quartz stone ultra-fine grinding disc to rotate, and the quartz stone is placed in the middle of the grinding disc in the lock air feeder. The quartz stone is separated and ground by the rotation of the grinding disc under the action of centrifugal force, and is coarse under the rotation of the grinding disc. The powder is continuously ground. The ground quartz powder is then dried and graded by quartz stone ultrafine mill to complete the grinding of the quartz powder. In addition, quartz stone ultrafine grinding can also be separated according to different specifications of quartz powder.
According to the quartz sand dry method and the wet process, some quartz stone ultra-fine grinding will be flushed when the quartz powder is ground. The crushed sand will be washed into the sedimentation tank by the momentum of the water. After the baking room is dried, it is placed in a vibrating sieve for sieving. Like the dry sieving, the water sieving also requires iron removal. Quartz powder is mainly used in industrial manufacturing such as glass industry and metallurgical industry. Because quartz powder is generally not graded and only differentiated according to specifications, quartz stone ultrafine grinding plays a key role in the production of quartz powder.

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